Introducing Key Person

Each Child in the setting has a key person who will take extra special interest in your child; learning their likes and dislikes, their family, friends and any special events etc. She will take a big role in helping to settle you child on the first few days and will continue to reassure and support your child when necessary. She will celebrate your child’s achievements and joyful times. Your key person can often be your first point of contact to pass and receive information relevant to your child or discuss any concerns or changes of circumstances as well as to share information between home and setting.

Learning Journey Folder

You have access to all of your child’s written records and your key person will invite you in from time to time to view their learning Journey. The learning journey is a written folder based of your child’s time at the setting and will include things such as photos, notes of achievements and a development record. This folder follows you child through to the end of the Early Years Education at which point you receive it back to keep.  We hope that by working together we will learn more about your child’s particular interests and experiences and this will help us to record achievements and plan for next steps in their learning that are most relevant to their needs.

Parent partnership plays an important role in child’s learning and development therefore at Benhall Pre School we always welcome parent’s contribution of ideas and information towards their learning journey as well as the day to day running of the setting.

The Staff will continue to work together as a team with all the children and support each of the, however the key person system allows the setting to ensure every child’s needs are meet as an individual. We hope that this two-way flow of information will benefit your child’s development and help him/her to feel confident in the setting.

Staff will be happy to discuss any aspect of the key person system or learning journey with you at any time.