The following costs apply :

Breakfast Club 08:00-9:00 £3.00
Morning Session 09.00-11:30 £12.00
Lunch Club 11.30-12:30 £6.00*
Afternoon Session 12.30-3.00 £12.00
After School Club 3.00-4.00 £3.00
Extended Hour 4pm until 5pm £4.oo*

*All children go to the Primary School for lunch, they may either bring in a pack lunch or have a hot lunch provided by the school canteen at a cost of £2.40.

*Extended hour includes a light tea


All children can have their early education funded by the County Council (15 hours per week or 30 hours where eligible) from the beginning of the term after they have turned 3. Free childcare for two year olds (15 hours per week) is also available to families in receipt of a qualifying benefit. For more information please contact the Pre School.



We are pleased to offer a flexible payment system. Please discuss this with the setting leader if this interests you.

We accept payments via, Cash, Card and BACS