A day at Benhall Pre School will include a wide variety of learning opportunities through play. Paint and playdough and a wide variety of toys, indoor and outdoor play equipment, books and puzzles are always available. Other activities include gardening, cooking,  stories, songs, dance or activities such as letters and sounds or counting games.


We have a “Snack bar” which offers a variety of snacks such as fresh fruit, crackers, toast, vegetables, etc. Often the children will help to make these as part of the day’s activities. We also have the options of a hot lunch for £2.40 and the menu can be found on the EATS catering website.


An optional uniform consisting of red polo shirt and navy blue sweatshirts can be ordered from the school. This gives staff and children a sense of belonging and keeps other clothes from becoming dirty from “messy play” opportunities. Parents are encouraged to send children in clothes which are easy to manage independently and asked to provide a spare clothes in bag which will hang on your child’s named hook.

“Learning Journey” Folder

Learning is a continuous journey through which children build on all the things they have already experienced and come across new and interesting challenges. A written record of your child’s unique learning journey is kept by their key person which parents are invited to read and share. We hope that by working together we will learn more about your child’s particular interests and experiences and this will help us to record achievements and plan for the next steps in learning.